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Our Approach

The Task Force followed a participatory and HCD approach, designed jointly with the experts operating in and experiencing the current models of technical assistance because they have the greatest expertise and insight to change them.

We supported the DRC's and Nigeria's MOHs to identify stakeholders and form co-creation teams in each country. Using an iterative process of research and co-creation workshops, facilitated by Sonder and JSI, the stakeholders defined current issues with technical assistance, identified their root causes, and developed innovative and context specific solutions. 

The core project team (the Task Force Secretariat, JSI, and Sonder) and a project advisory committee (PAC) guided the initiative's activities, including developing a Theory of Change. The PAC was comprised of Task Force members who were currently implementing MNCH programs in the DRC and/or Nigeria. See below for a list of organizations who were involved in the PAC.

What Do Countries Want from TA?

Critical Shifts

Local stakeholders in both countries identified nine critical shifts that need to happen in order to transform the current TA system. These shifts created a bridge between the uncovered challenges of current approaches and the vision that country co-creation teams would develop. 

TA Critical Shifts
Chart of 9 critical shifts for better TA


Principles for Good TA

How do we make the change happen?

Building off of the critical shifts, the co-creation teams developed design principles for good technical TA, which were synthesized and organized into a framework of four domains of change.

The Principles Framework
Graphic of the 4 domains of change for TA

Each domain of change includes five design principles that address underlying issues while recommending actions for change.

20 Principles for good TA
Chart of the 20 principles for good TA

Explore the design principles in detail and learn more about the project in our final report and case study.

Project Advisory Committee


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