Participatory Systems Mapping: Implications for Improving Urban Maternal and Child Outcomes Webinar

December 1, 2020 - December 1, 2020

This webinar was hosted by the Child Health Task Force to feature the work of the Building Healthy Cities (BHC) project at JSI Research & Training Institute and its relevance to multisectoral approaches to maternal and child health. Amanda Pomeroy-Stevens, Project Director of BHC, joined by her colleague, Dr. Damodar Bachani, Deputy Director of BHC, presented the healthy urban planning approach and methods for dynamic systems mapping. The event was moderated by Dyness Kasungami-Matoba, Senior Child Health Advisor & Project Director, Child Health Task Force Secretariat.

The presentation highlighted BHC's engagement in Indore, India, one of the four healthy cities where the project is active. To interact with the Indore Systems Map, please see the following links: available in English and in Hindi, along with the accompanying Leverage Map. Systems Maps for the other cities are available on the BHC project website.