Re-imagining the Package of Care for Children

Since the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) ended in 2015 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) started, a global paradigm shift has occurred in the definition of “child” and concept of the child health package of interventions.

The iCCM Task Force focused on improving delivery of case management for diarrhea, malaria, and pneumonia for hard to reach populations. Many actors have advocated - with varying degrees of success - for the incorporation into iCCM, IMCI, and Primary Health Care (PHC) platform, of nutrition, newborn care, pediatric HIV and TB, WASH, and Care for Child Development (CCD). Additionally, important emergent issues such as non-communicable and chronic diseases in children call for use of integrated platforms to deliver essential services in the PHC settings.

The Re-imagining the Package of Care for Children subgroup (formerly the Expansion of the Child Health Package subgroup) aims to shape the health and well-being for all children by maximizing each child's opportunities to realize full physical and cognitive potential. With the increased attention to early child development, there is a need to integrate monitoring and support for child development for all children at PHC settings, and initiate children with developmental delays and disabilities into pathways of care for further support and early interventions.


To ensure that child health services: 1. apply evidence-based approaches, are 2. delivered in comprehensive packages, and 3. implemented in an integrated manner and with realistic and context-appropriate procedures.


  • Develop a global platform for knowledge exchange, sharing experiences and evidence, identifying and documenting best practices, and offering opportunities and solutions to overcome challenges.
  • Support members in collective learning to translate knowledge into practice in their respective country programs.
  • Support members to generate evidence, including development of a proof-of-concept from small-scale programs to inform the design of integrated large-scale interventions.
  • Provide a platform for members to engage in global and country level advocacy on expanding child health intervention packages.



  • Cara Endyke-Doran, Global Communities
  • Janet Kayita, WHO

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