Private Sector Engagement

In many countries the private sector provides a significant proportion of case management services and/or medicines for childhood illness; however, many governments do not pay great attention to the needs of the private sector in their health sector plans and policy formulation and dissemination.

The Private Sector Engagement subgroup aims to increase recognition of the crucial role of the formal and informal private sector in the provision of information, products, and services in child health in low- and middle-income countries. This will be achieved through advocacy and learning with a focus on materially and tangibly contributing to the body of evidence to support existing interventions.

Many definitions of the private sector are in use. The subgroup will adopt a broad definition that covers private practitioners and health service providers (both formal and informal) at the last mile, drug shops and retailers, private clinics, health centers, and hospitals. Where appropriate and based on country context, the subgroup will collaborate with businesses with a stake in healthcare, such as pharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturers, suppliers, and technology firms, or companies/corporations with an interest in protecting the health of their workforce and/or local communities.


To achieve global recognition of the contribution of the private sector to improving child health and promoting approaches that improve access to, and quality of, private sector services.


  • Increase the number of countries and partners that recognize and integrate the private sector as a delivery channel for equitable and quality child health services.
  • Coordinate subgroup members’ engagement and promote collaboration including cross-partner technical assistance to strengthen private sector programs.
  • Support subgroup members and countries to strengthen private sector engagement for improved child health outcomes.
  • Set a global learning agenda in order to determine best practices for implementing child health case management through the private sector.
  • Support subgroup members to document and disseminate best practices on private sector engagement to child health stakeholders at the global level.



  • Amit Bhanot, Frontier Health Markets/Chemonics
  • Joseph Addo-Yobo, Total Family Health Organisation Ghana
  • Senait Kebede, Emory University & International Health Consultancy, LLC 

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