Action for the Newborn: Global and Country Priorities and Implementation

May 10, 2021 - May 10, 2021

The Child Health Task Force hosted a webinar to present an overview of global newborn priorities as articulated in the Every Newborn Action Plan Results Framework and highlight three country experiences from India, Ethiopia and Bangladesh. A global newborn action plan developed by a dynamic group of global and country champions was endorsed at the World Health Assembly in 2014. This initiative catalyzed the development of over 50 national action plans in three years. Newborn health priorities and strategies have evolved in alignment with the SDGs and adapted to each year’s learning.

This event featured speakers from three countries implementing essential programs for the newborn. The first speaker, Dr. Harish Kumar, shared how India scaled up family integrated, nurturing care of small and sick newborns in secondary level hospitals as a national strategy. Next, Dr. Meseret Zelalem and Dr. Yunis Mussema spoke about Ethiopia's management of possible serious bacterial infection (PSBI) in newborns through the primary health care system and community health. Lastly, Professor Shahidullah shared Bangladesh's approach to small and sick newborn care from policy to program. 


  • Dr. Harish Kumar, Project Director, Vriddhi USAID project, IPE Global, India
  • Dr. Meseret Zelalem, Director of the Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health and Nutrition Directorate, Ministry of Health Ethiopia
  • Dr. Yunis Mussema, Deputy Team Lead, Family Health Team, USAID/Ethiopia
  • Professor Shahidullah, Chairman, Department of Neonatology, BSSMU


  • Dr. Steve Wall, Senior Advisor, Newborn Health, Save the Children