Showcasing the Community Health Worker Assessment and Improvement Matrix (AIM) Tool in Fragile Settings

October 26, 2023 - October 26, 2023

Community health workers (CHWs) are critical for providing healthcare services for children and women and contributing to health systems in fragile and conflict-affected settings. CHW programs play an important role in relating relief, rehabilitation, and development approaches, which aim to link short-term measures to longer-term development programs for a more sustainable response to health systems under stress.

In 2022, MIHR introduced and adapted the 2018 CHW Assessment and Improvement Matrix (AIM) toolkit in Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger. The toolkit aimed to measure CHW program functionality gaps and adopt actionable interventions in alignment with the national community health strategy and the 2018 WHO guideline recommendations on health policy and system support to optimize CHWs programs.

This webinar took place on October 26 and provided an overview of the toolkit and discussed the process and initial outcomes from Mali and Niger. This webinar particularly focused on CHW programs and their importance and relevance to child health. The session featured country representatives, including from the Ministry of Health.