School Health and Nutrition: From Principles to Practice e-Learning Course

The Child Health Task Force has developed a self-paced e-learning course where learners will embark on a comprehensive journey through the multi-sectoral landscape of school health and nutrition.

Learn more about School Health and Nutrition from Dyness Kasungami, Director of the Child Health Task Force Secretariat.

The learning experience is divided into three modules, each designed to build upon the last. Module One lays the groundwork by detailing the diverse interventions of school-based health and nutrition and its essential role in fostering optimal learning for children. Moving forward, Module Two addresses the 'how' of school health and nutrition, focusing on coordination strategies across various sectors to optimize the delivery of these interventions. Finally, Module Three shifts into the 'doing' phase, where learners apply their knowledge to the practical aspects of designing, implementing, and monitoring school health programs. This progression from theory to action equips learners with the necessary tools to ensure the effectiveness of these programs. Ultimately, the course enables learners to enact coordinated, multi-sectoral, and evidence-based approaches to improve the health and educational outcomes of school-age children.

  1. MODULE 1 - The Diverse Landscape of School Health and Nutrition
  2. MODULE 2 - Multi-Sector Coordination at the Heart of School Health and Nutrition
  3. MODULE 3 - Tools to Guide the Design of School Health and Nutrition Programs

Once finishing the three modules and a short quiz, learners will receive a certificate to commemorate their successful completion of the course.

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Illustration of four children in a village