An essential component for implementing a successful CSA initiative is a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework. This can help countries determine whether progress has been achieved as a result of interventions, and also measure those achievements against national and global standards and goals. A comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework should include the identification of relevant health indicators; the identification of data sources for indicators; and analysis and reporting of results to inform improved practices.

The tools and resources within this section can support countries with the process of developing a monitoring and evaluation framework, as well as select relevant indicators based on current global standards.


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Year Published: 2024 | Resource Type: Guide | Languages: English
This is a slide deck that details the CSA Results Framework for Accountability, Advocacy and Action.
Year Published: 2024 | Resource Type: Guide | Languages: English
This technical brief provides an assessment of progress on this indicator set and presents a way forward to improve child survival. It is organized into four sections: Section 1 reviews child mortality trends and causes of child deaths; Section 2 provides a snapshot of child nutritional status; Section 3 examines coverage of select child health and nutrition interventions, with a focus on countries that are of track for SDG 3.2.1; Section 4describes how accelerations in child survival can be achieved through a primary health care approach and renewed global and country commitment to children.
Year Published: 2022 | Resource Type: Guide | Languages: English
A systematic methodology used to prioritize and define a core set of indicators for monitoring the quality of facility-level care for children and young adults, and their metadata for progress tracking, accountability, learning and improvement, at facility, sub-national, national and global levels.
Year Published: 2021 | Resource Type: Guide | Languages: English, French
This guidance outlines a set of standardized indicators collected by community health workers on their activities and on the communities they serve.
Year Published: 2020 | Resource Type: Guide | Languages: English
This document provides globally established guidance on the contribution of community engagement in development practice as well as humanitarian action. The objective of the standards is to support implementation of high quality, evidence-based community engagement at scale in development and humanitarian contexts.
Year Published: 2022 | Resource Type: Guide | Languages: English
This guidance provides countries with a conceptual framework for measuring primary health care (PHC) performance.  It includes a menu of indicators to track and monitor progress in strengthening PHC-oriented health systems as an accelerator towards universal health care.  Countries can use the framework and indicators to assess and monitor gaps and needs in PHC to guide actions and investments in improving essential services.
Year Published: | Resource Type: Guide | Languages: English
This technical package provides a comprehensive framework to enable national policymakers and planners to focus investments on priority, effective and sustainable interventions; assess recommendation actions, best practices tools and standards; and identify gaps and allow for continuous monitoring based on a set of standardized core indicators.