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Re-imagining Technical Assistance for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health and Health Systems Strengthening 

Initiative will be in Nigeria and the DRCThe Child Health Task Force has teamed up with Sonder Collective, a human-centered design (HCD) firm, to support the ministries of health (MOH) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Nigeria use HCD to reimagine the current model of maternal, newborn, and child health (MNCH) technical assistance (TA) delivery.

In order to effectively deliver high impact interventions and reduce maternal and child deaths, it is critical to review key global health investments to enhance health service delivery and reach the most vulnerable populations. TA is an example of a key input.  

This initiative, supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation through JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI), aims to strengthen local capabilities to implement integrated, evidence-based, MNCH and health system strengthening (HSS) interventions that will achieve the 2030 Survive, Thrive, and Transform Vision.

Reimagining for effective & systematic delivery of country-driven technical assistance.

The Task Force convenes global and country stakeholders to develop and implement approaches that address the current challenges in TA for MNCH/HSS, including:

  • Gaps in coordination and consistency
  • Alignment with national priorities
  • Sustainable results

The use of HCD in the re-imagining process emphasizes the a focus on the needs and motivations of the end users, those who are directly affected by TA at national and subnational levels. 

Read more about each country's progress:

Our Approach

The Task Force supports the MOHs in Nigeria and the DRC to identify stakeholders and form co-creation teams in each country. Using an iterative process of research and co-creation workshops, facilitated by Sonder and JSI, the stakeholders define current issues with TA, identify their root causes, and develop innovative and context specific solutions.

Designing the right things; designing things right: phase 1 intent; phase 2 discover; phase 3 concept; phase 4 deliver
The initiative will use an iterative HCD process to redesign TA for MNCH/HSS.


Both countries' MOHs are leading the way in identifying and mobilizing stakeholders during this redesign process. The initiative's project advisory committee (more information below) developed a Theory of Change to guide the project planning, implementation, and evaluation.


High level theory of change: model development process; enabling the intro and implementation; testing, learning and adapting to framing, models and practices
The Project Advisory Committee developed a Theory of Change to guide the project planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Key Actors

We work with a diverse range of actors and stakeholders, including HCD experts, MOHs, donors, implementing partners, civil society, and multilateral technical agencies.  

The core project team (the Task Force Secretariat, JSI, and Sonder) and a project advisory committee of Task Force members who are currently implementing MNCH programming in the DRC and/or Nigeria, guide the initiative's activities.

The Task Force and Advisory Committee will work with country stakeholders, Sonder, and Gates Foundation to assist governments of DRC and Nigeria.


Project Advisory Committee


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